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Unsafe Containers – The Damp Squib Effect

I’m not sure Damp Squib Effect is the correct term for what I’m looking to explain, so to be sure, I will try to make it as clear as possible with an example. It’s that feeling when after you have been excited about something, and I mean REALLY excited, like hyped, something happens that puts you off. Let’s say there’s a typhoon outside, and you know you’ll have to stay put for at least 48 hours and just because you know you can’t go out you suddenly start craving all sorts of weird things. So you literaly rummage your fridge looking for some smoked jellyfish you KNOW you had saved, and then all of a sudden you find one of those seafood flavored pastes that come in a tube, that resemble a toothpaste. Yes, that pink stuff some people put on their bread and go mmmm. It doesn’t matter it normally makes you wanna throw up the milk you were breastfed and you have no idea how it got in your fridge in the first place, now, in the middle of the typhoon, you know it’s the only thing that can save you from going nuts in despair for you can’t have what you really need; smoked jellyfish. So you open the tube, turn it upside down over your gaping mouth and right before you start squeezing the hell out of it, it occurs to you: I didn’t check the expiration date! And you do, and it has expired. For over a year now. Then comes what the internet says is called the damp squib effect. It’s when you get so incredibly put off by something that everything else feels uncool and boring too, even irritating and no matter what you do you can’t shake it off. You just have to wait for it to go away. And it can get so bad you might end up with your back on the floor, staring at the ceiling, trying to find the meaning of your life again in those old cracks. It’s what we Greeks call “Kseneroma”.

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